Translating Bullshit into Bullshit

Rahul and Leila chopping play dough vegetables.

Maher: Qu’est ce que tu cuisine Leila?

Leila: Uhhh, I’m cooking mothika.

Maher: Ah bon. C’est quoi “mothika”?

Leila: Papa, ummm, en francais c’est lita.

Blocks and Princes

Rahul caught a little cold yesterday.

Rahul: Aaaaah mama, my nose not working. It’s blocks


Leila pointing at Rahul: I like this prince mama.

Rahul: I not a prince, I little baby dinosaur.

And the bickering began!

Lakka Lakka like a Fire Cracker

This one’s for my Z school friends-

Me: Do you guys want to try these crackers?

Leila: Wat dat cracker mum?

Me: They’re like Nayla’s. They’re yummy.

Rahul (South African accent): Lakka lakka like a fire cracker.

Uncle Mao

“Man-ee,” L says as she examines the 5 Yuan note.

She points at Mao Zedong’s purple face, “Shu Shu!” she claims.

Like any young Chinese woman is respectfully called ayi or aunt by a child, a young man is uncle –
shu shu.