Baby Newton

“Mum look kshhhhh, looook, kshhhh doing kshhhhh up kshhhhh down.” That’s what I heard this morning. Rahul was trying to tell me something. Something BIG of course.

I was focused on staying out of his and Leila’s hyper-excited way, working hard at Facebook.

I look at him as he’s throwing a toy into the air, about to move on to another game. I might still be able to listen this time. “What’s up love?”

“Look mum, when I throw it up, it falls down.”

I smile.

“Yeah! Amazing isn’t it.”

I tell Maher about it when he walks into the room.

Leila is a keen listener and vibe picker-upper. Half an hour later she tells me when she throws her doll up, it falls down. She looks me in the eye. She knows I caught her out. We smile.

The only requirement for preschool – which starts middle of next week – is that they’re potty-trained, well other than that they’re 3-years-old by November 1st. Now I don’t know how early Newton figured all that stuff out, we’re still working on it. Baby Leila’s pretty much got it. Our baby Newton might need a little longer.

To the Temple of Dawn by Long Boat

We stopped at the Buddhist Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun), one of the most beautiful temples I’ve seen, on our long- boat ride along the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok. We climbed the steep stone steps all the way to the top level. Standing next to magnificent intricate carvings – it was the traditional Thai dancers’ that got Leila’s attention, and the horses carved into the top of the pillars around the main temple that got Rahul’s – the view of Bangkok is breathtaking. The descent was a little tricky with the two little kids, and my mum and her bad back. But not a problem.

After walking past hundreds of stalls selling colourful touristy stuff, we succumbed to Rahul’s cries for a toy. As we were buying a bucket of fish food, L and R chose fridge magnets with pictures of the temple on them.

As soon as the fish food touched the water, clusters of catfish flopped all over each other, slid around, even reached way out of the water to get some. It’s illegal to fish within 100m of a Buddhist temple, and people often spend free time feeding fish, so naturally the fish know exactly how to get to the holy waters of Bangkok.

“Let’s Go Rahul”

David Livingstone Lodge, Livingstone
Leila wore her “bag” on the way out of the hotel room. Rahul held her hand and they walked to breakfast. Together.

Giraffe Pose

Giraffe photos by Maher Kassar

We spent at least half an hour watching these two giraffes fighting one evening at Mfuwe in South Luangwa National Park. The wrestling match could go on for days, until one of them walks away. And then still the other might follow for more.