We had to laugh (in retrospect) when… Part 2

…L asked to watch “Happy Shit.” Her favorite animated movies right now are Tangled and Happy Feet.

…R put his hand in the potty after he actually pee’d in it. Then he tipped it over. Even better, I dropped the potty on my way to empty it, a couple of times already.

…L stuck Maher’s index finger up his nose when he was wagging it at her, saying “No, no,” about something.

…I instinctively reacted with an  “Oh Shit, that’s got to hurt,” when R bit M’s finger. Hard. Before I got through my sentence, both L and R were imitating me. “Shit, shit.” At least this new word distracted R from biting M’s finger  !

…Leila was wailing. “What’s wrong?” I asked her, concerned.
“Daisy….Daisy,” she said between sobs. (Daisy is her toy doll.) Nothing seems to have happened to either one of them.

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