Mat Moments

L and R  watch an interview of Richard Freeman on my laptop. They are engrossed.

L sings “nummmm” and R “Ohhhh” after Richard’s Om.

L points at a photo of David Swenson and says “papa”. This happens often.

M reads a story to L after a run, in Pigeon pose.

R trys to feed M rice and spinach porridge while he is back bending. I had to suddenly be the willing mouth.

R feeds M watermelon while he is lifting in Utpluthih (palms pressing into the mat, body lifted off the floor, legs in lotus.)

R tightly hugs my hips in Shoulder stand. Just the stimulation needed to straighten up and reach through my feet.

M runs circles around me while I am in a headstand. L and R enjoy leaning into me and pulling my hands apart in the posture.

R hugs my standing leg in Uthita hasta padangusthasana, a balancing posture where you hold the big toe of one foot and extend that leg out in front for five breaths, and then to the side for another five.

My little assistants lay on my back in forward bends like Paschimattanasana (Seated forward bend) as in the photo on the left, and Baddha konasana (Bound angle pose).

Perfect gentle light-weight adjustments.

The assistants go wild when I am in Karnapidasana (Ear pressure posture). In the  photo on the left M is about to enter the pose by bending his knees and placing them next to his ears. It becomes even more of a locked posture when L and R step on my legs and refuse to move. They are pulling my hair and pinching my nose. I can’t move my legs or my arms without hurting them. I call for help!

L and R look at Paul’sPractice sheet” and say “papa.” Either papa looks like Paul, or it’s that papa practices yoga like Paul does.

Savasana with one of them laying on me. (Both do it.)

Yoga in Leila’s language is Diga. Yoga in Rahul’s language is Goga.

Butt naked R is in down dog on Maher’s mat. M is in pigeon next to him. ”
What are you doing?!” I ask Rahul. “Yoga,” he replies seriously.

8 thoughts on “Mat Moments

  1. You’ve created a wonderful blog, Natasha! And I love the photos especially, and the way you “trasnlate” their utterances into words I understand. Thank you very much! Liana

  2. hello Natasha,
    I remember Rahul saying mama! yoga! outside of the shala during all of our practices.
    Love their pictures and miss their faces. Have the teachings from our recent training sunk in as yet?
    How does it feel to be back home?

  3. Oh my god, they’re adorable! Well done for practising while they run around you too, that would be a challenge. I sometimes have the dog come in and lick my whole face while I’m tied up in some weird pose but with a dog you can just ignore him at least – would be a bit harder to do with kids!

    • Hey Bibi,
      Thanks. I’ve never practiced with a dog around!
      It’s fun to practice with L and R around. When there isn’t help around though, it does mean that the practice is either very long or sometimes cut short. Still fun, especially when R lies down on the mat, underneath me,while I do the standing sequence, and L sits on me in the first bit of the seated forward bends.

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